Native American Beaded Dress size 10-12  HAND MADE with leggings

This beautiful dress was purchased in 1994. I was told it was made by Cindy Birdsong from the Rosebud Reservation and it was very old. I am still doing research on this information. I have no paperwork of authorization.

It is a very heavy dress due to the large glass beads and elk teeth.
I am researching the teeth to make sure they are real. It is hand sewn with sinew and leather.

Back of dress identical to front.

I took lots of images, but will explain. The dress in made in pieces.
Several layers and lots of long fringe. I think most of it is brain tanned
except for the front and back which has soft leather insert (inside). Makes it more stronger.

It has trade cloth design, lots of character and is very beautiful.
I will add more information as I know it.